"A high tech, portable, and easy to use bench seat cover, designed to keep users clean and free from germs on gym equipment without having to use paper towels and sanitizer—letting you focus on exercise rather than cleaning."

Portable pack

Portable pack that unfolds to an adaptive seat cover.

Internal pockets

Two handy internal pockets allow users to store keys, cell phones, and wallets as they work out

Adaptive seat cover

Bench Barrier folds into a pocket and quickly unfolds and secures to a bench or seat by using the same pocket. Special elastic VELCRO® and a pull string make Bench Barrier adapt to many different types of gym equipment.

FACT- Did you know.... A majority of chemical cleaners require a 5 to 10 minute soak in order to effectively kill bacteria where Bench Barrier is designed to kill bacteria on contact!


Now I don’t have to worry about my sweat or anyone else’s on the equipment that I use in the gym.Bench Barrier made me feel less worried about germs and made equipment transitions quicker because I did not need to wipe the equipment before and after using it.


I never realized how nice it would feel to know that I am working out on a clean surface.
Now I am less worried about the germy benches when using the Bench Barrier.