BENCHBARRIER™ was created by two guys who love to work out and like most people in the gym, we spent a significant amount of time pre and post cleaning the equipment used. No one likes to clean, but it's a necessary evil. You all know the drill - getting cleaner, wiping, toweling, working out, wiping some more, moving to the next station…blah, blah, blah.  We even used towels to try to keep our skin from coming into direct contact with the gym equipment. We quickly lost track of which side of the towel was placed on the equipment verses the side we came into contact with.  Worst of all, the towel always seemed to make its way on to the floor!  

Thus,  a 2 plus year trek began of designing and developing an answer to our equipment cleanliness dilemma.  We came up with definite ideas for protective properties and desirable fabric characteristics that we wanted for our product. Enter BENCHBARRIER™.  

BENCHBARRIER™ is a portable, easy to use & directional fitness equipment cover, designed to keep users  clean by preventing  direct contact with fitness equipment surfaces they are using, reducing the use of paper towels and cleaner —letting you focus on exercise rather than cleaning.

BENCHBARRIER™ uses  a cutting-edge  polymer  silver ion fabric treatment. It is activated by sweat to keep the fabric fresh by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes in the fabric - keeping it odor free Advanced split microfiber material soaks up to 4 times the amount of moisture as ordinary microfiber, while having a uniquely non-slip surface. It stays put!  Power lifters love our product! No more bands and no more chalk required to keep them from sliding while doing their 1 rep max.

Through our patented and innovative design, BENCHBARRIER™ folds into a pocket and quickly unfolds and secures to a bench or seat by using the same pocket. Special elastic VELCRO® and a pull string make BENCHBARRIER™ adapt to many different types of fitness equipment. Two handy internal pockets allow users to store keys, cell phones, and wallets as they work out. Just a quick switch to the next piece of exercise equipment means less cleaning.

Get your BENCHBARRIER today and spend your time doing what you love most - working out.

Less cleaning, More reps!